FAST Training Courses and Fees

1. SURVIVAL / ORIENTATION TRAINING – These training courses help FDWs adapt to Singapore work-life.  The main aim of the “On-boarding and Integration Programme” (OIP) targeted at first-time FDW arrivals through a series of courses, is to effectively orientate them into Singapore’s culture, customs, lifestyle and expectations of employers.  The goal is to ensure that all FDWs are able to work and live well and complete their contract.

2. VOCATIONAL TRAINING – These training courses help to improve FDWs’ skills and knowledge to do their job properly and include conversational English, cooking, baking, housekeeping, infant and maternal care and elder care.

3.  FUTURE EMPLOYABILITY TRAINING – To plan for life after being a FDW, these training courses help FDWs prepare for future employment.  They include specialist certificate in caregiving, health and pain management through reflexology, financial management and entrepreneurial programmes.