FAST firmly believes that mediation is a useful tool in resolving disputes between FDWs and their employers. Very frequently, misunderstandings can arise between both parties and sow discord between FDWs and their employers. FAST Mediation service provides FDWs and employers alike with an avenue to sort out their differences in a neutral environment in the presence of an accredited Mediator. FAST has conducted over 50 mediations to date and have mostly achieved 100% proper closure for all parties involved.

If you have any issues that require mediation, feel free to call our office at 65091535 to consult and book a slot. This service is open to all female FDWs and you do not need to be a FAST member to utilise this service.

Our Mediation service is run in collaboration with our esteemed volunteer Mediators. All of FAST’s Mediators are accredited by the relevant Mediation bodies in Singapore and are highly experienced. If you would like to join as a Mediator, do contact us at 6509 1535 or drop us an email at