Myanmar & Sri Lankan New Year

Counsellor for Sri Lankan High Commission,   Counsellor for Sri Lankan High Commission,  Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr Win Myint 
Mr Jayabo Wijayasundara doing a                      Mr Jayabo Wijayasundara joined by                 doing a Burmese tradition
Sri Lankan tradition                                              First Secretary, Mr Geeth Jayasinghe
Executive Director, Mr William Chew                Executive Director, Mr William Chew joined    FDWs comemorating the event
celebrating his birthday in advance                  by staff from FAST and Besband
Group shot of total participants in the event   FDWs from Nation                                              Group shot with officials from Sri Lankan
                                                                                                                                                             High Commission and Myanmar Embassy
High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, Mr Nimal     Indonesian FDWs preparing their delicacies    President of FAST, Mr Seah Seng Choon
joined by FAST President and other guests                                                                                    giving a welcome speech
President of FAST, Mr Seah Seng Choon          Sri Lankan best dressed participants                Sri Lankan performers
joined by High Commissioner of Sri Lanka,
Mr Nimal Weeraratne, Deputy Chief of
Mission of Myanmar Embassy, Mr Win Myint
and Vice-President, Mdm Helen Tan
High Commissioner of Sri Lanka,                      Vice-President, Mdm Helen Tan participating   Volunteers from FAST helping dish out the
Mr Nimal Weeraratne                                         in a Sri Lankan dance                                           food

Volunteers from FAST