Serving Singapore’s Ageing Population With Passion & Dedication



CARE (Care Advisors Recruitment Enterprise) Pte Ltd provides manpower solutions to the eldercare and healthcare sector at the individual and corporate level. Caregivers are carefully selected and trained to ensure each is well equipped with the requisite's kills and knowledge to care for kills and knowledge to care for the elderly/person needing care.

CARE believes that living well in the golden years requires more than simple nursing or housekeeping care. Our 360° CARE Model addresses every caregiving aspect from hygiene and pain management to diet care.

CARE is led by experienced and highly qualified healthcare professionals who are passionate about serving the community through the provision of outstanding caregivers. CARE seek to position ourselves at the forefront of eldercare by exceeding expectations and delivering great value to our clients. Additionally, our recruitment, training and development policies are shaped to positively impact and contribute to the global community.